Peach Springs, Inc. (Water)

Peach Springs, Inc. is a water utility and real estate holding company operating in these industries since 2009. Peach Springs, Inc. is the owner of the water system that services the Beachton Place subdivision. 

To contact Peach Springs, Inc., you can reach Robin Norman at 229-318-9289.

Bills are calculated using the following method:

Usage less than 4000 gallons = $50

All usage between 4000 and 10,000 Gallons is $0.0025 per gallon.

All usage above 10,000 Gallons is $0.005 per gallon.

*As of July 1st, the charge per gallon above 10,000 Gallons will be reduced to $0.004 (or thereabouts) due to the new billing causing higher than expected bills for super-consumers in the Beachton Place subdivision.

Important Information about Billing: Bills will be mailed and posted to the customer's account on the website on the 1st of each month (no later than the 3rd). Bills are due immediately and should be paid within 14 days of posting. Water cut-offs occur promptly on the 15th day. Bills can be paid by check or card via the website


Click below to see the water quality reports that have been provided to our Association.

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