Covenant Review for 2029

For those of you new to Beachton Place and for our long-term residents, the covenants which govern our HOA and establish the standards for home building and maintenance are conveniently attached to our website.  Under the provisions of the covenants adopted by the original developers in 1989, the covenants could not be changed for 20 years. After that every 10 years starting in 2009, the covenants can be changed when two-thirds of the residents (including undeveloped lot owners) modify or change them with a two-thirds vote of the community which is 46 homesites. Attached to this site are the results of the covenant change packet that all homesites received in 2019. Many of our members worked diligently on these covenants adding clarity and improved readability in many cases as you can see. However, we never reached the threshold of 46 homesites to change any of them and the voting results are included which were certified by our Board members at that time. Our next window by law to change the covenants is 2029. From now until then, please review the existing covenants and these changes submitted in 2019 and provide any recommendations you may have to the Board of Directors. The intent is to start preparing now for 2029 so that any changes adopted by two-thirds of the homesites as 2029 approaches will be ready to submit to the Grady County Court House for official recording and compliance with our originating documents to make them effective. Thank you, Robert Anderson (President Beachton Board of Directors).

Send an email to the board letting them know your recommenndations for covenant changes.  Go to the Home Page and on the right under Pages, right click on Board of Directors.

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